Julian Laing
Animator & VFX Artist

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About Me  


Hi, my name is Julian Laing. I am an animator and visual effects artist and I have been working professionally for about 10 years in both computer games and television production. I grew up in Scotland and, though I have spent most of my career in Scotland I have relocated elsewhere in the past and I would definitely consider further relocations in the future, especially if the job is attractive.

Much of my work has been producing 3D character animations for a variety of situations including shots for television or cutscenes and also actions for computer games. Over the various projects I have worked on I have been lucky enough to have been animating a wide variety of motion styles and acting situations. Although I consider animation to be my main forte, I consider myself flexible with a variety of skills across different disciplines including modelling and texturing. I have also done some character rigging work using Maya. For a couple of game titles I also branched out into producing visual effects, stuff such as blood or magical effects or explosions for which I produced both the artwork and animated the dynamics of the effect.

I've also worked with motion capture data for a next-generation computer game. While this is different work than hand animation it still requires a critical animators eye to blend and synch the necessary motion to the dialogue or situation with the ultimate goal still the same, in order to produce the most convincing acting performance possible. Fortunately the quality of the motion capture has been outstanding and it is amazing how much the motion can be blended, trimmed, softened or speeded up or slowed down in order to produce some very varied work. Additionally the dialogue and accompanying facial animation is absolutely top-notch and it has been an extremely rewarding experience working as a motion capture animator.

Initially my background was in traditional hand-drawn animation. I graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor Of Design degree with honours at Duncan Of Jordanstone College in Dundee. I've continued since these days to do some observational life drawings whenever possible and I've recently been planning to produce some traditional animated work again in my own spare time. Hopefully in the near future I will be able post some samples of that here on my webpage.