Julian Laing
Animator & VFX Artist

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Character Animator & VFX Artist with 9 years experience in the Computer Games Industry and 2 years in the Television Industry. Strong artistic background with experience in traditional animation. Experienced in producing in-game and cutscene character keyframed animations. Also experienced in producing a variety of VFX, character rigging and skinning and in working with motion capture data. I aim to continue to improve my animation and technical skills within a creative environment.


Employment History

May 2012 – September 2012  -  4J Studios

Contract Animator role working on a sequence of Xbox avatar animations (normally between 10-20 seconds in length) which can be purchased in the Xbox Avatar Marketplace. The animation style is gentle and generic with an emphasis on not introducing specific character traits since the animation is mapped onto the players own custom avatar which can be of any gender and appearance. I’ve also modelled and rigged up many of the props which are used in the animations.

June 2011 – March 2012  -  TT Animation

Contract Animator role working on the kids TV show “What’s Your News?”.  My role involves cleaning up the body motion-captured animation, adding in additional animation, mostly with the hands and fingers and facial animation. I also lipsync the characters. As animators we are also responsible for finalising our scenes, introducing background characters and previewing the final rendered work. Overall we work with the acting and emotion supplied with the motion-captured data and the soundtrack and enhance the performance with the hand-animated finer details.
Additionally I have also provided a deal of assistance on the technical side of the production. I have assisted in the conversion of the motion-capture data into Maya, converting the data onto the animation rigs and setting the scenes up ready to be animated.

November 2010 - January 2011   -  Rockstar North

Hired on a short term contract to work with motion capture data on LA Noire. I was working on dialogued cutscenes, dropping in motion captured gestures from an extensive motion captured library then synching, blending and tweaking the animation to complement the actors facial animation and dialogue which is already in the game. A large number of professional actors have contributed their voice talents and their physical appearance for this game.

August 2009 - October 2010   -  Impossible TV

My first project in Television working on the childrens TV series Gaspard & Lisa. Initially did some modelling and texturing in pre-production. Subsequently have done character animation, lipsynching, layout and shot fixing for 2nd pass and final HD renders ready for broadcast.

May 2006 – June 2009   -  Outerlight

I worked as the sole VFX artist for the critically acclaimed pc game The Ship and as a character animator and VFX artist for the recently released sequel A Bloody Good Time. I tailored my work to fit the cartoony style in both games whish required some very quirky VFX and some amusing animations in addition to the more regular work.  I also did further VFX work and character animation for anticipated future projects.

May 2005 – April 2006  -  DC Studios

Continued to work on the State Of Emergency licence this time taking on the role of lead animator through to completion of the project. I took on all the responsibilities associated with that position; I supervised an overhaul of key sections of the game and headed a team of 4 animators. In addition to further character and cutscene animation I also took on responsibility for VFX production.

August 2000 – April 2005  -  Vis Entertainment

The vast majority of my work was as a character animator on a number of projects, i-race for which I was the sole animator and which also included working with motion capture data, Evil Dead; A Fistful Of Boomstick which in addition to character animation I produced and was responsible for the VFX, Brave and SOE2 for which I have also produced a number of cutscenes as well as in game animations.

June – September 1998
June – September 1999  -  VT Design

Worked as a 3D character animator on interactive presentations, and also did some 2D animation for websites. This job was work experience while I was at University.



10 years professional experience with Maya

Over 10 years experience using Photoshop

Over 1 year recent professional experience with 3D Studio Max

Good knowledge of Adobe Premiere with some professional experience

Recent working knowledge gained using Dreamweaver

MEL, Flash, MotionBuilder, Softimage – Basic knowledge, no recent work with Softimage.


Education & Qualifications

Bachelor of Design(hons) Animation & Electronic Media
gained at Duncan Of Jordanstone College of Art, 1997-2000

HND Graphic Design/Illustration
gained at Dundee College. 1992-1995

School Grades: 5 Highers, 4 Standard Grades, 4 O-Grades



Hobbies & Interests

Long distance running, including entering 10ks, half-marathons and various other distances, occasionally run for charity.
Wide ranging interest in the cinema including arthouse films and animation.
I like to travel and I speak fairly fluent conversational Spanish and slightly less fluent German.


David Keningale
Senior Artist, 4J Studios
Chris Dicker
Head of Development, Jam Media


Jim Jagger
Lead Animator, Rockstar North