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Animator & VFX Artist

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This is my page where I show some of my personal work that I have done over the years. I haven't received a penny for anything I produced on this page. But I do enjoy working on my own projects and I intend to continue with my own work whenever I have the opportunity.

On the top left is a small mobile game, Bugged, which I helped make with a couple of colleagues. We released it last year and it is currently available on all android capable phones.

Below that is my graduation animated film, An Animated Horoscope, which I produced as a student at Duncan of Jordanstone Art College in Dundee.

At the bottom of the page are several examples of my life drawings. Most of them are quite old now so I am aiming to produce newer work in the near future!

Another example of my own work is this website which I built entirely from scratch. I am not a professional webpage designer and I have tried to keep the site very simple.

I hope you have enjoyed looking around my website!

Traditional Animation


Life Drawings