Julian Laing
Animator & VFX Artist

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Julian Laing          Animation Showreel 2012

Breakdown of my work

Opening shot A short clip from LA Noire. The animation is motion captured, I had to select and blend from a library of clips in order to realise the best performance.
Second shot A shot from the childrens TV program Gaspard & Lisa. All keyframe animation including lipsync.
Long studio shot with ant & anteater A shot from the childrens TV program What's Your News? The base body animation was motion captured however additional keyframe animation was added to fingers, ears, eyes and for lipsyncing. I also planned and authored the blending from different source clips to achieve the ants running in to do their bow.
Following 2 interrogation shots Two more clips from LA Noire. Same technique as before.
Critters creeping then fleeing Another shot from another episode of Gaspard & Lisa. Again, I animated both characters.
Another studio shot Another shot from another episode of What's Your News?
Another interview/interrogation Another clip from La Noire featuring an accusation and an indignant response
Running bot Animated the run cycle for a short demo for a proposed game for Outerlight
Female leap to the ground Another cutscene animation for State of Emergency 2
Guy with acid sprayed in his face Early idea for weapon for sequel game to The Ship. Animated both characters and produced the VFX
Goth girl doing sexy taunting dance An in-game taunt animation which I did for Bloody Good Time (the sequel game to The Ship).
Walk cycles Displaying my walk cycle for the female character from SOE2 and my walk cycle for the shielded Enforcers in SOE2
Galloping horse being whipped A fully keyframed animation done for I-race, showing from close range my galloping horse and jockey.
Closing shot Another indignant response from LA Noire which I helped bring to life.