Julian Laing
Animator & VFX Artist

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Julian Laing          VFX Showreel 2009

Breakdown of my work

Opening shot

In-Game Visual Effects for sequel game to The Ship. The opening shot shows Electrical VFX for the Tazer weapon which I created. These and the following VFX for this game were created using the Particle Editor in Valves Source Engine software.

Subsequent shots with fire effects Further in-game VFX. Including bonfire, flamethrower, 1st-person view when on fire, molotov effects and victim running around on fire.
Blonde beach-babe with giant magnet Intended to represent a magnetic effect, the magnet pulls weapons from an opponent to the player.
Following sequence of shots Further in-game VFX. Starting with diseased guy running up to and infecting the player. Followed by rocket launcher, sleep sheep, shotgun, and player with assault rifle shooting a guy with body armour (denoted with the orange outline and impact angular flashes). I created all these particle effects.

Woman in bushes shooting guy in the head

In-Game VFX for PC game The Ship. I created both the weapon muzzle flash and the blood splatter.

Subsequent shots from The Ship

In-Game Visual Effects including weapons muzzle flashes, cartoon style character VFX, the depression cloud, some environmental VFX, the paddle steamer and the piranha attack.